Thief wakes man, steals money bag from car

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter
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LEAGUE CITY, Texas - Police are looking for a thief who woke up a man while stealing a money bag from his car.

League City police said they believe the thief had been staking out the parking lot and watching people come and go from the Wells Fargo bank in the 2900 block of the Gulf Freeway shortly before 11 a.m. on Monday.

Investigators said they think the thief saw a woman get out of the pickup truck, unaware that her husband was asleep in the back seat.

Justin Duong said he woke up after hearing a loud bang.

"I thought my wife got shot or something happened to her. I jumped up immediately and I saw a guy reaching in with his right hand and grab the money bag. He sticks in his left hand, grabbed the backpack also. So I grabbed the backpack, yanked it back from him and said, 'Hey!'" Duong said. 

According to Duong, the thief was just as startled as he was, so he fled with the money bag and the $80 inside of it.

The thief may not have realized that Duong grabbed his handgun from underneath the front seat while the two struggled over the backpack.

"When I said, 'Hey!' he got scared, jumped in his car, put it in reverse. I just feared for my life and I just took two shots, and while he drove away, I didn't want to shoot anymore. I hope het gets caught and I hope he learns his lesson. Everyone works hard for their money," said Duong said.

Many of the businesses in the shopping center have surveillance cameras. Police said they are checking to see if this crime was caught on camera.

Police said the thief was last seen driving a gold Buick with tinted windows. There are bullet holes in the front and back passenger-side windows.

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