Texas reacts to Obama's support of same-sex marriage

HOUSTON - People across Texas reacted after President Obama gave his support for same sex marriage.

A coalition of Texas pastors expressed their disappointment after President Obama gave his support for same sex marriage.

"From ordering the Justice Department to abandon its constitutional duty to defend the Defense of Marriage Act to repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and sexualizing our military, President Obama has not been shy about his extreme positions in support of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Intersexed, etc. agenda," said Dave Welch with the Texas Pastor Council.

Welch also said pastors are rising to defend traditional marriage because of their belief that as goes marriage, so goes the family and the country.

"When marriage is everything, marriage is nothing.  Obama and his radical allies of the sexual diversity agenda cannot redefine marriage, they can only undefine it and destroy it," said Welch.

The President's remarks also concerned one Baptist Church pastor in northwest Houston

"It's disturbing and tremendously disappointing because he has a moral voice from the President and that would send out a wrong message to our culture and to our youth and to our children," said John Neesly, the Pastor of Lazybrook Baptist Church.

Meantime, two Houston-area church's expressed their support of the President's comments.

"I think he's really demonstrated his integrity as a human being, grappling with an issue that is not an easy one for any of us," said Lisa Hunt, Rector of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.

St. Stephen's Church in the Montrose area announced in April its plans to perform same-sex marriages by the end of 2012.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker tweeted, "Wow! I was wrong. Call from White House. The President has stepped up and stated his support for recognizing relationships. Like mine!"

Vice-President Joe Biden also said in an interview this past weekend that he is comfortable with same-sex marriages.

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