Texans star J.J. Watt helps bullying victim in new TV show

By Dominique Sachse - Anchor

HOUSTON - He's one of the best players in the NFL, larger than life to fans and a force to be reckoned with on the field. Now Texans superstar J.J. Watt is showing the world his softer side, helping a young boy deal with bullies.

That journey is now being profiled on a USA Network special called "NFL Characters Unite," as Watt makes a difference in a little boy's life.

It's hard to imagine that Watt was ever told he was too small to play football.

"My whole career and throughout high school people told me there's no way you can do it. You're too small, you're not fast enough, you're not big enough," he said.

Like Watt, 12-year-old Billy Williams is fighting to keep his dream of playing football alive. He is bullied about his looks and his size, and is constantly told he'll never play the game he loves.

"Sports is very important to me, but they say I'm too skinny and make fun of me," said Billy. "They make me so mad I want to punch my pillow and try to hurt myself."

So Watt surprised Billy and met him for lunch. Billy was in shock to see his favorite player in person.

Watt took Billy to the YMCA, where he was then invited to join the Y's flag football team, the Texans. He immediately hit the field.

"They were giving me high-five's because I did a good job out there," said Billy. "I have a team now and that makes me happy."

Now he's a part of a team and has friends.

"Billy's life is going to be changed because of a day like today. That means so much more to me than any sack or any touchdown, Watt said.

And the gifts just keep on coming for Billy. Watt gave him a pair of autographed cleats he wore in a game and the YMCA of Houston gave him a free life-time membership, so he can continue to pursue his dream of playing football.

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