Teens rescued from tree after flooding

Teens cling to tree for 3 hours waiting on rescue

HOUSTON - Two teenagers were forced to climb a tree and dial 911 as they waited to be rescued when a storm hit, flooding the area where they were fishing.

Ruy Lozano with the Houston Fire Department said the two 19 year olds were fishing off a trail near Cullen Park when a storm hit. The water started rising, so the pair climbed 15 feet up the closest tree and used a cell phone to dial 911.

"We had cell phone communication for quite a while but they were having trouble locating them," said Lozano.

Rescue crew members also exchanged text messages with the boys.

After some searching, a Houston police helicopter spotted the teens, but thick brush made it difficult for boats to get to them.

"Unfortunately, the original boat canopy was too wide," said Lozano. "But, like always, HFD has backup."

He said they sent a narrower boat out to rescue the boys.

Senior Rescue Captain Billy Martin was one of the first to reach the boys.

"It's very dense," Martin said. "We had to take chainsaws with us through there."

He said this was one of his most unique water rescues because of the brush, wildlife, and rising water.

After hanging to tree limbs for about three hours, the boys were soon in a boat and then an ambulance to be checked out. Lozano said they had no apparent injuries.

The boys didn't want to go the hospital so an ambulance escorted them to their car.

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