Teen drowns in retention pond

ROSENBERG, Texas - An 18-year-old was found dead in a Rosenberg retention pond.

Investigators said several teenagers took a dip Sunday evening in the Summer Lakes subdivision. Friends of Gilbert Hernandez told authorities they saw him go under, but he never came back up.

Crews were in the neighborhood for hours, trying to figure out what happened.

"We started a rescue effort initially, which turned into a recovery effort," said Lt. Aaron Slater with the Rosenberg Police Department.

According to police, Hernandez was caught in a pump that trapped him underneath the water.

"Upon arrival, we learned that an 18-year-old male had been in the water about 10 to 15 minutes and had not come back up," Slater said.

The dive team was called out. They were able to retrieve his body within 15 minutes.

Investigators said Hernandez's body was found near the fountain. They said they think he was pulled down by the pump under the fountain.

Officials said Hernandez lived in Rosenberg but he was not a resident of the Summer Lakes subdivision.

"Any death, especially of a young individual, is a sad event," Slater said.

The pond has a sign posted that reads "No Swimming."

Residents said they have seen snakes and an alligator in the pond. The pond is 12 to 15 feet deep, residents said.

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