Teen active in healing process after shark attack

It's been nearly 2 weeks since a shark clamped down on his leg, leaving it severely injured

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

HOUSTON - It has been almost two weeks since a teen boy fought for his life during a shark attack off Surfside Beach.

The shark clamped down on 15-year-old Garrett Sebesta's leg, leaving it severely injured.

Sebesta was attacked by a shark on June 17, while swimming with friends.

The family would like to protect Sebesta's privacy as he recovers.

KPRC Local 2 heard from Sebesta's mom Friday morning.

His mother granted Local2 permission to publish brand new photos of Sebesta at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

His left arm and left leg are bandaged.

According to the family, he was scheduled for a minor surgery Friday.

Sebesta is expected to be in a regular hospital room for the rest of his stay at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

The family wants everyone to know that Sebesta is very active in his healing process and there hasn't been a moment where he's considered giving up.

Sebesta always held strong to his faith and his recovery.

Sebesta and his family would like every one to know, "How touched we are by the continuous support Garrett and his family have received from the community. There truly are no words to express our thanks and gratitude."

Family friends are putting together a benefit to help pay for Sebesta's medical expenses.

The benefit will take place later this Summer.

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