Teen accused of impersonating firefighter

He allegedly activated emergency lights on his vehicle and caused traffic to yield to his vehicle

HOUSTON - A teenager is accused of impersonating a firefighter and flashing fake emergency lights in order to pass other drivers.

Police say they knew the guy was a firefighting fraud when no one at the station had heard of him.

The firefighter impersonator was arrested on Perry and FM 1960 after he used a siren and flashing lights to pass other drivers.

Getting in trouble with the law is no joke, but Raul Martinez thinks it's a laughing matter. Our cameras caught him smiling and giving the thumbs up as he left a Harris County courtroom Monday morning. He's charged with a felony after prosecutors say he impersonated a Magnolia volunteer firefighter.

"Officers were able to contact the Magnolia Fire Department and they learned that he in fact was not a firefighter with them," said prosecutor Keri Fuller.

On June 20, prosecutors say Martinez was driving an older modeled Dodge Ram truck and activated his blue and red lights and siren, acting as if he was rushing to an emergency situation. Some drivers were suspicious and called 911.

"They were pulling over to the side of the road believing he was an emergency vehicle," Fuller said.

Because of good descriptions, deputies were able to find Martinez quickly and arrest him.

"The defendant admitted that he was operating a vehicle with lights and siren," said Fuller.

Martinez, 19, is charged with impersonating a public servant. He is facing a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Deputies recommend you do exactly what the drivers did in this story and call 911 if you think someone is impersonating a police officer or a firefighter.

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