Syrians living in Houston worry about loved ones abroad

They say they hope for aid as the UN continues discussions on use of military force

HOUSTON - The video and stories out of Damascus are horrific after last week's alleged chemical attack that reportedly killed hundreds of people. Now the question is will the US get involved in a military strike.

"Just from a humanitarian stand point someone has to step in with them power and recognition to make a difference," said Houstonian Travis Rukers.

Others don't agree and say don't use U.S. troops.

The United Nations Security Council is continuing discussions on the use of military force against Syria. For now, Syrians living in Houston worry about their loved ones and hope for aid.

"Think it should have done long ago. Before we have all this casualty and people dead innocently slaughtered and massacred," said Omar Shishakloi with Texans for Free Syria.

President Bashar Al-Assad is known as unpredictable and moody. And so far has denied the use of chemical weapons. But UN inspectors are continuing their investigation.

"The president set a red line probably thinking it would never would be crossed. Now he's in that difficult position if he doesn't do anything he looks weak and if he does do something he is drags himself into military conflict in the middle east," said Andrew Bowen with the Rice University Baker Institute.

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