SWAT standoff ends after teen threatened his parents

Police say he fired several shots into the air

BAYTOWN, Texas - SWAT team members surrounded a Baytown home Sunday evening after hearing a man was threatening his parents.

Police say that man barricaded himself inside with a gun, forcing an intense standoff that lasted for hours.

"I heard three shots and then I heard him tell him to put down the gun," said witness Barbara McClain.

She is one of many neighbors who watched intensely as a SWAT team surrounded the home on the corner of East Fayle and Strickland.

"They had been trying to get him to come out. And he wouldn't," she said.

Baytown police say they got a call early Sunday evening about an armed man who was threatening his parents. Police say his parents were able to escape the home bBefore the SWAT team arrived.

"They just stayed there for hours. I had my blinds all open and I could see from my house. The policeman was standing right beside my truck," said neighbor Sharron Martin.

Streets were blocked off for hours while negotiators tried to get the man out of the house.

"But the robot, they sent it in to break out the window. But we could hear the glass busting," McClain said.

Police say the man then walked out into the backyard and fired several shots into the air with a handgun.

"I'm just glad somebody didn't get killed when them shots started going off. We was all real worried. We didn't know what was going down," said McClain.

Shortly after, police say the man gave up peacefully.

"He came out without his gun with his hands up, like they'd been trying to get him to do all along," said McClain.

Police tell us no one was injured.

According to police, the man was taken to Ben Taub Hospital where he'll undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

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