Suspect flees SWAT scene after barricading himself in residence

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - An hours-long SWAT scene in southwest Houston ended without the suspect in custody, police said. And the man is still on the run.

Just before 8am Tuesday, the Houston Police Department received a 911 call alerting them to a domestic violence situation at a home on the 14900 block of Four Winds Drive.

"The daughter ran down the street saying mom and dad were fighting. The mom then came out of the house saying she stabbed the husband or boyfriend or whatever," neighbor Tesfa Rogers said.

Police believe the woman was acting in self-defense when she stabbed the man several times after being attacked. She has not been charged with a crime. Police declined to identify the woman or the man she stabbed Tuesday afternoon.

Police report both the mother and daughter were not seriously injured during the altercation. Both the woman and neighbors appeared to believe the man was still inside the home when police arrived.

SWAT members, along with tactical gear and heavy duty trucks, arrived on scene a short while later. Attempts to communicate with the man, believed injured, were not successful.

"After several hours of trying to negotiate and touch base, we breeched the residence and found nobody was inside," said Victor Senties with the Houston Police Department.

Senties said it was possible that the man slipped out a back door before police ever arrived.

He may have been picked up and may be seriously injured. He could also face a domestic violence related criminal charge.

Anyone with information about the man's whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS.

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