Sugar Land family buys two dogs from breeder who provided fake vaccination papers

After the family brought the puppies, the puppies became progressively sick and one died

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

SUGAR LAND - A Sugar Land family bought two puppies from a breeder who provided false vaccination records, that resulted in one of the puppy's death.

Pam Hubenak spent hours online looking for a puppy for her children before she came across an ad that promised happy healthy puppies.

"The pictures were so cute, we called the man who said these were his family dogs," said Hubenak.

She bought two puppies from the man that came with health records, including proof of vaccinations.

The family named the girl Belle and the boy Bleu, but within days the puppies got sick.

Belle had a painful genetic defect and Bleu tested positive for giardia and hookworms, intestinal parasites generally caused by contaminated conditions.

"Our vet said if the shot records that the seller had provided was true, there is no way he would have gotten hookworms," says Hubenak.

Dr. Michael Huddelston, of Westheimer Animal Clinic in Bellaire, says this is a common problem he sees when people don't buy their pets from reputable breeders.

"A lot of times they are born with intestinal parasites, they live in filthy conditions, and they have genetic defects, all of these are serious problems. The tragedy is you buy this cute little puppy and all of a sudden they get sick," Dr. Huddelston said.

Bleu went to live with a family member and recovered, but Belle got progressively worse, and after weeks of seeing her in pain, the Hubenak's had to make the heart-wrenching decision to put her to sleep.

"Even though it was hard for us, it was just too cruel to keep her in so much pain, so we went and said goodbye and they put her to sleep," Hubenak said.

The Hubenak's are warning other families looking to purchase a dog online to make sure to do the homework.

"There are just a whole lot of things that we trusted, and I would be a lot more careful next time," says Hubenak.

The family is searching for another pet, but they now know what to look out for.

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