Subtle signs can help detect a liar

By Cody Schultz - News Producer , Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Do you know the difference between fact and fiction? Spotting a liar might be easier than you think.

Cleveland Clinic psychologist Dr. Mike McKee said you just need to know what to look for, such as watching body language.

"Shuffling their feet and suddenly moving their head this way or that way," he said. "Just before they tell a lie."

He said fidgeting is just one sign of a lie in progress. Dr. McKee also said a person's breathing will change. A liar may begin to breathe heavily and shrug their shoulders.

He adds that they may also point at you to exaggerate getting his or her point across. They may also repeat the same thing over and over. Another sign—when someone covers their mouth while talking.

Dr. McKee said these are all subtle signs of someone responding to stress.

"What happens is you need to study people a lot, if you have the opportunity, and see what their normal behavior is," he explained. "So instead of just getting behavior related to nervousness, you get something that's deviant for them."

Dr. McKee believes it's easier to pick up on a lie, when it's someone you know well trying to get one past you.


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