Stranger Danger: Girl says woman tried to lure her into car

The 6th grade girl didn't fall for it, and investigators are releasing a photo of the car

By Phil Archer - Reporter

HOUSTON - School just started and we've already got a "stranger danger" to tell you about. A student says she was approached at her bus stop, where a woman tried to lure her into her car.

The girl, a sixth grader, was waiting for her school bus on Tuesday morning when a woman pulled alongside her and tried to convince her to get inside with her. The little girl didn't go for it, and the woman drive drove off, but now investigators have a photograph of that car.

As the girl was talking to the woman, her bus pulled up. The security camera on board caught an image of the child standing next to the suspect's car -- a red Nissan. Crosby ISD posted the picture on the district's Facebook page.

That suspect, described as a middle-aged Hispanic woman acted like she knew the girl's family.

The woman held up a necklace and called out the name "Amber." She told the girl she had her mother's jewelry.

"That wasn't the girl's name. She didn't recognize the lady. She stayed where she was at, didn't go to car. When the bus pulled up, she gets on bus and the bus drives off," said Capt John Moore with the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable's Office.

On the way to school, the 11-year-old called her parents. When the bus arrived at Drew Intermediate School a few miles away, she alerted a teacher.

On Tuesday afternoon the school district sent out a letter to parents telling them to be on the looking out for that red car.

"We watch for our children and our neighbor's children all the time," said parent Nick Nichols.

Precinct 3 constables have beefed up security around all of Crosby schools.

"We are having deputies patrol the area in mornings and afternoons when kids get off and on the bus. Just more presence," said Capt. Moore.

Investigators are trying to enhance the photo to get a license number. They're asking anyone who recognizes the car to call the Harris Co. Pct. 3 Constable's Office at 281-427-4791.

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