Stranded Chihuahua found safe under I-10 freeway

Small dog had been stranded for days on one of Houston's busiest freeways

HOUSTON - A small dog that had been stranded for days in the middle of one of Houston's busiest freeways was rescued.

The Chihuahua was found and brought to safety Wednesday.

The little dog was seen beneath the I-10 HOV lane and between concrete barriers, surrounded by traffic for at least six days.

A commuter, Richard Rogers, contacted Local 2 this week after seeing the dog as he rode home on a METRO bus.

He first noticed the dog last Thursday.

Rogers said he tried to find a way to have the Chihuahua rescued but had trouble making contact with anyone who could help.

"I don't know if somebody's dropped it off, or if it fell out of a vehicle, or what, but it's still alive," Rogers told Local 2.

Rogers said he had seen the dog jumping and it appeared he was trying to escape.

After hearing about the dog, BARC animal control officers Mia Santillan and Sandra Rico hiked in to rescue the animal.

To get there, they had to navigate through a tangled web of freeways and then catch the scared dog.

The dog will be held at the BARC animal shelter for four days before he'll likely be put up for adoption.

At the time of his rescue, he appeared thin but otherwise OK.

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