Statewide vigil planned for lesbian couple killed in Bolivar

By Cody Schultz - News Producer

HOUSTON - Cities across Texas will hold vigils for a lesbian couple killed on the Bolivar Peninsula earlier this month.

GetEQUAL Texas has planned Wednesday night memorials for Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson in Austin, Corpus Christi and Dallas. The community activist group said this is the second fatal attack on gay women in Texas in as many years.

In the most recent case, the bodies of Cosby and Jackson, both 24, were discovered near a dumpster on the Bolivar peninsula. Investigators said Cosby's father, James Cosby, is a prime suspect in the case, but he has only been charged for tampering with evidence, linking him to the crime.

"Right now, I hate him," Loranda McDonald, Cosby's mother, said. "I am very angry with him. I want him to suffer; I want him to feel the pain I have felt."

McDonald said she was devastated when her child's father was arrested. She said a painful tension was brewing between the two for some time, after Cosby told him she was gay.

Investigators are still searching for the couple's missing 2006 Kia Sorento, which could prove to be the key piece of evidence in their murder.

If you can't attend a vigil, but would still like to show your support, you can wear the color yellow to take a stand against violence.

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