Spring girl appears in Lovato documentary

Sanah Jivani suffers from alopecia

HOUSTON - A student in Spring is inspiring others, including her favorite singer, by helping girls feel confident and beautiful without needing anyone else's approval.

Sanah Jivani, 14, suffers from an auto-immune condition called alopecia.

"Middle school was some of my roughest years because that is when all my hair fell out and I got the wig and that is when I got exposed to a lot of bullying," the teenager said.

Jivani was bullied physically, verbally, and online but she found her strength and became involved in a program at her school called No Place for Hate.

She then ditched her wig and said she discovered what made her unique is her real beauty.

"When I started accepting myself, I just realized how beautiful life is and how great it can be and how great I am," said Jivani. "I realized, if I know that and I am this happy, then I want to help make other girls happy."

"Everyone is so beautiful and unique and i just want to make sure they realize that and don't go living their life insecure - because you shouldn't be insecure when you have everything you need within you," she added.

In November, MTV cameras captured singer Demi Lovato and Jivani at a concert last fall in Houston. Jivani told Lovato, who was just out of rehab, that the singer's strength inspired her to ditch her wig.

The singer said Jivani had inspired her to get on stage that night. The moment is a highlight in a recently shown on "Stay Strong," a MTV documentary on Lovato's recovery.

"That was amazing. I had no idea I would be inspiring her because she has inspired me so much. It felt great," said Jivani.

The Klein Collins High School student is making it her life goal to help girls her age find their beauty and confidence.

"I want to make sure no girl feels like I did at a point in my life. I hated everything I saw in the mirror. I want to make sure no girl feels like that because I know a lot of girls that do," said Jivani.

Jivini is the youngest of five children but she is much wiser than her young age.

As she sat with her parents on the couch watching the MTV documentary, it was obvious she had her mother's smile and a hold of her father's heart.

"She is an unbelievable amazing child. She is my proud. If she change one person life then she achieves her goal and that reward is priceless," said her father.

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