Southeast Houston man shoots dog for killling his cat

Residents say two dogs were roaming the streets terrorizing family pets and children

HOUSTON - A Southeast Houston neighborhood was awakened by a man shooting at dogs.

According to residents, two dogs were terrorizing family pets and children.

Early Friday morning, one homeowner says he looked out his window and saw one of the dogs mauling his cat.

The man told police he grabbed his 40 caliber gun and started shooting.

Donna Clarkson, who lives in the neighborhood said, "I heard about five shots."

Clarkson never saw the dogs and didn't know who was shooting or why, but she was worried one of the bullets would hit close to her home that was full of her grandchildren.

"Anything can come, because a bullet don't have but one eye and it don't have a name so its very scary to me," said Clarkson.

Thomas Rodas, 15, was nervous after hearing the gunshots because he was walking in that direction.

The neighbor whose cat was killed called Houston's animal control, BARC.

Animal control picked up the animals.

The dog, resembled a Pitt bull, was white and suffered a superficial wound when it was grazed by a bullet.

BARC officials say the dog is a stray and was roaming in the neighborhood.

Christopher Newport, of BARC says if you own cats, keep them confined within your property, because pets are at risk when allowed to roam free.

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