Slow-speed chase ends in southwest Houston

HOUSTON - A slow-speed police chased ended in southwest Houston late Monday morning.

The chase began around 11:15 a.m. in south Houston when police ran the Chevy Lumina's license plate. Officials say the driver took off after officers smelled drugs inside his car.

The suspect drove the speed limit with officers flashing their lights behind him on the Southwest Freeway near the West Loop, and on 288 southbound to the South Beltway before exiting onto the service road.

"He didn't want to get caught but he didn't want to hurt anyone else at the same time," said witness, Alex Moczgemba, "He really wasn't driving fast or trying to get away from them. He was just driving around, I guess trying to get attention."

Along the way, police say the driver was seen throwing out several baggies of what's believed to be drugs.

The lasted about 30 minutes and ended when the suspect drove into the parking lot of a Buzzy Bee convenience store, located on S. Post Oak, and surrendered to authorities.

The suspect, Phillip Rogers, was taken into custody by Houston police officers.

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