Sketch released of suspect in Bellaire home invasion

Police say the suspect posed as a delivery man, then robbed the home with 3 other men

BELLAIRE, Texas - Bellaire police have released a sketch of a suspect who they say posed as a delivery man and forced his way into a home to rob it.

The suspect is said to be a Hispanic male with bleached blondish hair, police said.

It happened at around 12:30pm on Sept. 18 in the 5400 block of Pocahontas. Bellaire police said the Hispanic male suspect was carrying a small box and a sheet of paper knocked on the front door and when the victim answered, the man said he had a delivery for the victim to sign for.

"Began to open the door, as she did, the male forced his way and pushed her into one of the other rooms," said Bellaire Asst. Police Chief Michael Leal.

Police said he took the suspect to a bedroom, forced her to lie face down on the floor. Then three black male suspects entered the house and they all stole items from the house for about 10 minutes.

Police say the woman was taking care of the homeowner's toddler.  That child was in another part of the house while all this was happening.

"It alarms us that they went in the house knowing someone was there.  They weren't worried about a confrontation," Leal said.

Bellaire police said the suspects appeared to have been driving two vehicles: the Hispanic suspect was driving an unknown model older single cab pickup truck, and the other suspects were driving a black unknown model Honda.

If you have any information in this case, you are asked to call Bellaire police at 713-662-8106.

Police are reminding residents to be careful when answering the door to strangers.  But investigators say it's important not to ignore door knocks or doorbells. Police say you should let the person know you're home, but tell them you're not opening the door. You can always call police for help.

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