Seaweed covers beaches in Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas - Galveston Island beachgoers have been getting quite a surprise in the sand over the Memorial Day weekend. They're finding and smelling a lot of seaweed.

"Just step over it and keep going," beachgoer Judy Hartt said.

Folks are watching their step after mounds of seaweed continue to wash ashore.

"It comes from the Caribbean with the right winds and currents," said Peter Davis, chief of the Galveston Island Beach Patrol. "We always have it, but this year, we've had an unusually high amount."

Maintenance workers have been trying to keep up with the massive amounts of seaweed from the Gulf. They spent all Sunday night and Monday morning moving it to the back side of the beach, but more just keeps coming.

"It may not smell good, but it's Mother Nature's way of protecting the beach, so I'm all for it," said Tony Andrisek, a beach service worker.

The seaweed is beneficial to the beach, since it prevents beach erosion.

The beach patrol is advising beachgoers to be careful when they walk on top of the seaweed. Hidden debris can accumulate in the seaweed. 

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