Sculpture fountain freezes in Katy

KATY - It's hard to believe that we can get frozen fountains in southeast Texas, but there's one in Katy thanks to the hard freeze.

Temperatures late Tuesday morning are still cold enough to keep a frozen fountain a neighborhood sensation in the Avalon at Seven Meadows community.

From the crown, down the columns and through the water, ice enveloped this water fountain.

"I told my buddy when he picked me this morning, I said we've got to drive down there and check this fountain out," said Ed Odom.

Bitterly cold Arctic air sweeping through Southeast Texas brought in frigid mornings that allowed for some of the flowing water to freeze in place.

The heaviest accumulation was on the north-facing sides. From the bench, icicles hung. Plants to the side of the fountain where covered in a layer of ice.

After hearing about the frozen fountain on Local 2 News Tuesday morning, Odom had to come by and see the icy marvel himself.

"History in the making right here as far as I'm concerned. You never see this. It's right there in Katy," he said, "We're out here with Channel 2. It's fun. Doesn't get any better than this."

As the sun rose, others followed right behind. Armed with camera phones and tablets, car after car started circling around the wonder to document the rare moment in a Texas winter.

"Worth stopping and taking a picture of to show my kids," Robert Lingston told us.

The icy formation was definitely the picture that told the story of Tuesday morning's hard freeze.

Just across the street, kids bundled up in layers of coats, gloves and hats to withstand the stinging cold as they were walking and biking to school in 27 degree weather.

As the Local 2 Weather Team has been telling us, temperatures will warm up Tuesday afternoon, even into the 40s. That means if you want to take in the frozen fountain for yourself, you don't have long before it will melt away.

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