Scientists Invent 'Spanx for Under Eye Bags'

A brand new product called Neotensil promises to erase those under eye bags and smooth wrinkles.

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor , Jenelle Shriner - News Executive Producer

HOUSTON - From cucumbers to tea bags and expensive eye creams, many people try everything under the sun to get rid of under eye bags.

A new product on the market is being billed as "Spanx for under eye bags."

Houston Dermatologist Dr. Suzanne Bruce told Local 2 that under eye bags are a huge problem.   "The first place we start to show aging is around our eyes because our eyes are the thinnest skin on our body."

For many people, under eye bags are the first thing they see when they wake up.

Kelly Goodman told Local 2, "I've got the eye bags going on in the morning. Just the puffiness, you know that tired look."

Connie Kirk said, "Yeah, every time you wake up and look in the mirror in the morning to apply your make up, that's one area that's very visible and it's just a tired look. So this will be exciting if it'll work!"

A brand new product called Neotensil promises to erase those under eye bags and smooth wrinkles.

Bruce said, "They call it 'invisible shapewear for the eyes.' No shots, no fillers and you just get to see that instant smoothness."

Created by MIT scientists, Bruce said patients can apply Neotensil in the morning and use a special remover to take it off at night.

She explained, "It's a polymer film, so you put on the first layer, just a simple application. Then right after that, put on a second layer and it polymerizes into a thin invisible film which holds the thin skin underneath the eyes smooth and taught and holds that eyebag in place."

Within an hour, you start noticing a difference.

The effects last up to 16 hours.

After trying the product, Kelly said, "There's no pain. I just feel it kind of tightening and it feels tight and smooth."

Neotensil is available only in doctors' offices and is recommended for someone with moderate, not severe eye bags.

It costs about $500 for the kit which has 50 applications.

Bruce's office also offers one time applications if you have a wedding or special occasion.

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