Rosenberg woman convicted of driving while intoxicated

A police officer noticed the woman after she swerved into oncoming traffic, almost hitting him

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Yesenia Hernandez was convicted of driving while intoxicated.

ROSENBERG - A Rosenberg woman was convicted of driving while intoxicated after swerving into oncoming traffic and almost hitting a police officer.

Yesenia Hernandez made a wide turn into oncoming traffic on September 3, 2011, according to Police Lt. Aaron Slater, who says he saw headlights come straight at him before Hernandez over-corrected and drove on the right side of the road and hit a curb.

After Lt. Slater activated his emergency lights, Hernandez continued to drive several blocks before she pulled over.

Lt. Slater says Hernandez was confused and disoriented.

According to Lt. Slater, he could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her vehicle.

When asked if she'd been drinking, Hernandez replied, "A little."

Police Officer Michael Walden also responded to the scene and asked Hernandez how much she had to drink.

Hernandez said, "I'm going to be honest with you, five regular size beers, maybe more."

Walden asked Hernandez to perform three sobriety tests, in which Hernandez performed poorly.

Hernandez would not provide a breath or blood sample.

Hernandez will be sentenced on July 9, to a one year probation, during which she must pay a $750 fine, attend a DWI education class, perform 60 hours of community service and attend a victim impact panel.

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