Residents upset as trash piles up at apartment complex

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

KATY, Texas - Residents are upset after they say trash piles up in front of their apartment complex each week.

"It is depressing, you live like you are in the ghetto, like you are in a really bad neighborhood," said resident Sonia Upsher.

The giant mountain of rotten, smelly trash is what the Katy residents are forced to drive by each day.

"It looks horrible, and the smell is unbelievable. I don't see how the office is right next door and they don't see how it is not a problem," Upsher said.

Between the holiday and a broken trash compactor, garbage bags have piled up, one on top of the other, outside of Kenwood Club at the Park apartments.

"They only pay the trash pick up once a week. It is constant; every Monday it is the same thing, the same thing," said Upsher.

Some hate the way it looks but others are concerned about sanitary issues.

"The kids play out here, and that is where the play area is, right there," said resident Horace Brown.

We reached out to the management company who responded with a statement saying in part, "We are working diligently with Waste Management to repair the trash compactor, and to facilitate regular trash hauls of the temporary dumpster until that repair is made."

Two temporary dumpsters have already been filled up and hauled off, but residents say it has already gone on too long.

"It shouldn't have lasted this long. The fact that you guys are out here means it obviously lasted entirely too long," said Brown.

Some residents we spoke with off camera say they are even thinking about moving next year.

Residents at the apartment complex pay about $28 a month for trash pickup services.

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