Questions surrounding Galveston County deputy constable

By Jace Larson - Investigative Reporter

GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas - The Galveston County Commissioners decided not to take any action at this time after a Local 2 Investigation raised questions about whether a chief deputy constable was paid for hours he didn't work.

The commissioners could decide to take further action at a later date.

"If what you reported is accurate and I have no reason to doubt that, it is very concerning to me," said Galveston County Judge Mark Henry.

Some commissioners told Local 2 Investigates Reporter Jace Larson they had not yet seen details of our investigation after a tip claimed Galveston County Chief Deputy Constable Joe Giusti, of Precinct 4, was not working full shifts.

"It saddens me that this may be going on in our county," said Precinct 4 Commissioner Ken Clark. "Rest assured we're going to take our due diligence to do what's proper."

Giusti is running for county commissioner -- one of the highest elected offices in the county responsible for money allocation and staffing, among other things.

Local 2 found Giusti spending hours at his home during the work day. Local 2 also observed him spending time doing other activities during work hours. The activities appeared not to be related to his county employment.

His payroll records show he was being paid during that time.

Early voting for the county commissioner's race started Monday.

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