Puppy dumped by the side of a road

Woman finds Yorkie mix in front of her business

HOUSTON - A woman found a 4- to 6-month-old puppy in front of her downtown Houston business after, she said, someone dumped it by the side of a road.

Surveillance video showed a woman getting out of her SUV and ditching a Yorkie mix alongside Washington Avenue around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The woman who found the dog, Teresa Osborn, owns Deogi Dog Daycare Spa & Resort, and she said she couldn't believe someone would dump a puppy outside her business and drive off without looking back.

"It upsets me because we're about a mile from the SPCA," Osborn said.  "She could have easily taken him there."

But according to the video taken from Osborn's surveillance system, that's not what happened.

"(It shows her) very nonchalantly picking up a puppy from the front seat and walking to the edge of the street," Osborn said.  "She puts him down, goes back to her car and brings a towel back."

Then seconds later, the woman was seen driving away, leaving the puppy.

Osborn said the has a problem walking.

"He has a congenital problem where his cerebellum didn't completely develop, so he can't walk straight," she said.  "He walks like he's drunk."

Osborn wonders if the woman plotted to get rid of him because of the birth defect.

"I believe because of his age, she purchased him a few months ago," said Osborn.  "And as this developed, this was something she didn't want to deal with."

Osborn named the dog "Davie," and she said she will keep him until she finds him a good home.

Abandoning an animal is a class-A misdemeanor. If caught and convicted, the woman who left the puppy could face up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

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