Possible change to Houston's alcohol sales ordinance

Mayor hopes the move will bring grocery stores to low income areas

By Louis Lochte - News Producer

HOUSTON - Houston City Council members discussed a way to help bring larger grocery stores into low income areas on Wednesday.

Mayor Annise Parker said many grocery stores are not moving to some neighborhoods because the stores sell beer and wine, so moving too close to churches and schools would violate an ordinance.

The council is hoping to make an exception to the alcohol sales ordinance for some of the larger stores.

"In no way would (this exception) allow the small corner stores to expand into more areas. This is limited to the larger grocery stores," Parker said.

Right now, alcohol can't be sold within 1,000 feet of a school or church. 

Mayor Parker is offering to relax the distance to 300 feet.

A vote is scheduled for December 18.

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