Police: Woman runs over suspect after attempted robbery in Baytown

BAYTOWN - A Baytown mother fought ferociously to keep her family safe, protecting her young children from a knife-wielding robbery suspect in her own vehicle.

She says when she drove away from a local pharmacy, a strange man was inside her van just feet from her young kids.

A family trip to the drug store turned into a life and death struggle. It ended with a would-be robber is in the hospital. A Baytown mother put him there after he threatened her children with a knife and she took it away from him.

"I knew if I didn't do something, I knew all of us could get hurt," Dorothy Baker told Local 2.

Baker took her 2- and 5-year-old sons to the corner drug store to rent movies, but after they got back in the car and drove away, she realized a man with a knife was in the car with them.

"He was back here in the third row and he popped and he was waving a knife around leaning over the seat. My son, I was trying to get my son from up here to back here, but he grabbed my son and made him sit down next to him in the very back seat," she said. "And then when I made that right on West James Street, that's when he got made at me, he climbed over the seat and was standing on top of me."

That man, according to Baytown police, was 53-year-old Ismael Martinez. Baker fought him as the car was moving. She took the knife away from him, he bit her hand, but she forced him out.

"That's when I took my fist and punched him in the face and told him to get out of my car," Dorothy said. "When I saw him running, all I could think was he was going to get away, he's going to get away, somebody else could get hurt. Took after him and tried to clip him, turned too much, hit him and he ended up going under my wheels."

Martinez was hurt and had to be transported to the hospital via LifeFlight.

"He messed with the wrong woman. You don't come after a woman with kids thinking they're an easy target. You don't do this to people," Baker said.

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