Police search for EZ Money robbers

Officials: Two caught, three on the run

HOUSTON - Police are searching for three crooks they said robbed a clerk at gunpoint at a check-cashing business.

Investigators said four masked men walked into the EZ Money store on Airline Drive and Buckboard in northeast Houston Saturday looking to collect on what the store's name promises.

Officials said the men jumped over the counter, knocked the clerk to the ground and put a gun to her head. The others took as much cash as they could find.

A fifth person stood outside the store as a lookout, police said.

"After they got the money, they all exited the store and took off running. About that time, one of my officers was driving down the road and saw the five suspects running out of the parking lot," said Sargent Reuther with the Houston Police Department.

Reuther said when the officer turned around to go after them, they took off.

"Several other officers got involved and surrounded the complex behind the store and arrested two of the five so far," Reuther said.

The remaining three crooks are still on the run. Police said the two suspects the caught were identified by the store clerk as the robbers. They're now facing aggravated robbery charges.

If you have any information about this case, give Crime Stoppers a call at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

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