Police: Robbers knock down mom, kids in purse snatching

2 attacks reported at San Jacinto Mall on Sunday

BAYTOWN, Texas - Baytown Police are searching for two robbers who targeted two women in the parking lot at the San Jacinto Mall, including one who was with her three young children.

Erica Enciso said she's thankful the attack against her and her young children Sunday wasn't worse.

The Galena Park woman was walking out of the Marshall's at the mall when the two men slowly approached.

"All of sudden out of nowhere, he just came at me, and grabbed my purse. And then he pushed me," said Enciso.

Enciso told police the man pushed her five-year-old daughter and tore away her purse. Enciso's driver's license, credit cards, and other important items were all stolen.

"I can't even go into my account. They took my phone, they took everything, everything I have. My keys and everything."

Enciso and her kids weren't the thieves' first targets. Police said just 10 minutes before the attack on Enciso, the same men tried to rob another woman at the mall. That woman was already in her car and about to close the door when the men grabbed for her purse. She fought back and the men took off, finding Enciso and her kids just minutes later.

Several people, including two men who helped chase away the robbers, witnessed the attack.

"That's as low as you can get," Enciso said. "A mom with three kids. I guess they just saw an easy target you know. They didn't care about hurting anybody or anything."

Mary Danley, who shops at the mall, said people can never be too safe.

"You just have to be aware. Nowadays there is even more crime than ever. You have to be alert," Danley said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Baytown Crime Stoppers at 281-427-8477.

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