Police nab suspected horse thief

Donta Scyrus charged with animal theft

HOUSTON - A suspected modern-day horse thief has been caught, and investigators said he stole more than horses.

Investigators said Donta Scyrus, 20, stole two horses and a dog from Rafael Esquivel's farm in northwest Houston. Scyrus came back a second time and didn't leave empty-handed, detectives said.

"Two saddles were taken, the generator, the weed eater and two chainsaws," said Esquivel.

Houston police later arrested Scyrus, who has been charged with animal theft.

The two horses, Natalia and Morena are back with the Esquivels. They were found at a neighbor's property not far from Esquivel's farm.

Investigators said they might still be looking for the horses had it not been for the property owner.

"The dad came over here and told me my son got this horse. I showed my cell picture and he said, 'That's the horse,'" said Esquivel.

Esquivel got the stolen equipment back, along with the family's dog, Raina. Esquivel believes the property owner's 13-year-old son is the mastermind behind the thefts, but, so far, only Scyrus is facing charges.

"Why you got to do that? That's why you work,  you know? That's why my dad, not born here, works hard for a living to get what he has and somebody comes along and steals it," said Esquivel's son, Rafael Jr.

Scyrus was booked into jail with a $5,000 bond.

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