Police: Man attacked women with wooden stake

Man attacks 3 women, say police

HOUSTON - A man was arrested Saturday afternoon, accused of attacking three women with a wooden stake near the World War II Memorial Plaza in the Houston Heights.

Kris Baker, 39, was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

"We saw the gentlemen behind the bushes," Mercedes Davis said. "He was just going off and hollering and screaming at us. We didn't know if he was talking to us or not. But we realized he was following us."

According to police, Baker had just threatened another woman with the wooden stake just moments before attacking Davis and her friend Jessica Vargas.

"I kept turning around to see if he was following us," Davis said. "Sure enough, he just took a run for me."

The women claimed that Baker chased them across Heights Boulevard, carrying a large wooden stake.

"He just came up right behind me and grabbed my shoulder," Davis said. "He had the stake to my stomach and started telling me, 'I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna stab you.'"

Luckily for Davis, Houston police said that the woman whom Baker threatened earlier had already called them. They showed up just in time.

"He realized the cops were coming," Davis said. "That's when he slowly turned around and took off running." 

Baker didn't get very far before being arrested.

Baker is in the Harris County Jail with bonds totaling $80,000.

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