Police investigating after 2 children found wandering alone

HPD: Child in CPS custody

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Police are investigating two separate incidents in which two small children were found wandering busy city streets alone.

One of those kids, a 2-year-old boy was spotted running in the middle of Macario Garcia Drive near Ave Q in east Houston around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Maria Ramirez and her husband were on their way home from her job at Minute Maid Park when she spotted the little boy in traffic.

"My heart started going real fast; pow, pow, pow, because I've got grand kids, and you know, I wouldn't want anything to happen to my grandkids.

Ramirez and her husband stopped their car and picked up the little boy.

"He was scared." She said. "We don't understand what he was doing there. He was running the street. He was running the street, so little."

Police learned the boy had come from a nearby house where his mother was sleeping. He wasn't hurt. Child Protective Services returned the little boy to his family. His mother refused to open the door for reporters, but posted a note thanking Ramirez and her husband.

"My husband and I are extremely grateful for the effort of family and exceptional neighbors we have spoken to the couple who rescued our son. We offered a reward but they respectfully declined. Our son is home safe and sound. We feel truly blessed.  We are humble and fortunate to say we have him with us. God bless that couple, we are forever thankful. Thank goodness there are still good Samaritans.

Around 7:30 on Thursday morning, a 4-year-old girl was found wandering the street in the 3800 block of Sherwood Lane near T.C. Jester.

Kylie Carrasco was taking her kids to school when her son saw the girl jump into a ditch to avoid traffic.

"She was on the side of the road right there, and she was crying looking for her mom," Carrasco said.

The girl was barefoot, and wearing a thin tee shirt in the cold. Carrasco called 911. The girl, identified as Kay Lillian Martinez, was cold but appeared unhurt. She was taken by ambulance to Texas Childrens Hospital for a medical checkup.

Carrasco said other neighbors had seen the child in the street two hours earlier, but didn't want to get involved.

The girl's uncle, Carlos Corpos, said the child's mother is mentally ill, and that the little girl normally lives with his family.

"Yesterday her mother picked her up when she shouldn't have. She had been with us. She should be with us right now, not where she was at," Corpos said.

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