Pit bull attacks woman, kills her dog in SW Houston

She says she was trying to save her dog when the pit bull attacked her

HOUSTON - A woman was viciously bitten by a pit bull while trying to save her own dog from being attacked in southwest Houston, witnesses said.

It happened on the 11200 block of Sharp Crest Wednesday morning while she was walking with her two small Yorkshire Terriers.  According to police, Mary Jauer, 51, tried to intervene when her dog, Rocky, was attacked by a neighbor's 75 lb. pit bull.

"(The pit bull) just grabbed him by the neck like it was some sort of little rag doll," Jauer said.  "He bit my face and he tore up my hand."

Jauer was taken to Memorial Herman Southwest Hospital with cuts to her face and hands.  Rocky died at the scene.

Police were forced to draw their weapons so Animal Control could tranquilize the pit bull. A dead cat was also found mauled to death in the backyard. Neighbors say something like this was bound to happen.

"Sometimes they keep him inside and sometimes you see him wander the streets with no chains, no collars, nothing," said neighbor Pedro Castro.

The woman's husband says he's thankful she wasn't killed trying to intervene.

"She could've been a lot worse. I can't believe that people allow their dog to get on the street and run and create havoc" said Jauer's husband, Mike Joslin.

Animal Control tranquilized the pit bull and have received permission from the pit bull's owner to have it put down and tested for rabies.

The pit bull's owner is not expected to be charged in this case. They did receive three citations because the dog wasn't on a lease, registered or vaccinated.

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