Pickup truck used to steal from AT&T store

HOUSTON - A pickup truck rammed through an AT&T store in an early morning heist.

The crime happened shortly before 4 a.m. Wednesday in the 3400 block of the North Freeway in the Northline Shopping Center.

Police said a burgundy Ford F-350 dually pickup truck backed into and smashed in the front windows of the store.

Four men then jumped out, and stole iPads and cases before taking off, officials said.

The store surveillance cameras caught the heist on camera. The crooks were wearing masks.

"I got here 30 seconds after the alarm dropped and they were gone, so they had to be working pretty quick," said Richard Pederson with the Houston Police Department. "They didn't get most of the cellphones they wanted, but they got a pretty good amount of merchandise."

Police said the suspects caused up to $8,000 worth of damage.

"Thieves usually do more damage than they get," Pederson said. "Thieves cause more damage than the property they get most of the time."

The truck's fender was among the rubble and could provide a clue to the suspects' identity.

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