Photos of injured great dane go viral on social media

Veterinarian posts pictures of Nina's recovery

By Louis Lochte - News Producer
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TEXAS CITY, Texas - An injured dog has gotten a lot of attention on social media.

A picture of a great dane named "Nina" has been shared by hundreds in southeast Texas on Facebook and other social networks.

The posts said Nina was hurt while being captured by animal control.

Deputies with the Galveston county sheriff's office are investigating those abuse allegations.

The veterinarian taking care of Nina posted pictures of the dog on Facebook on Thursday along with this statement:

"I understand that many people are very concerned about the Great Dane, Nina. Let me first say that contrary to the numerous rumors circulating she is in relatively good condition. While I cannot go into great detail since this is an ongoing investigation, I can say her injuries are relatively minor. Also, to set everyone's minds at ease I will tell you there is NO plan to euthanize her at my clinic OR the animal shelter. I have spoken with Dr. Guidry and he agrees. I will work with the shelter as needed to continue to help with her care until her owner is found or she is adopted. Thank you for all of the concern for Nina and offers to assist with her care. Dr. Johnson."

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