PD: Woman pushing baby stroller shot by robbery suspects in Heights

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter, Mia Radford

HOUSTON - A woman pushing a baby stroller was caught in the middle of gunfire after a robbery in the Heights.

The shooting happened Wednesday morning on East 13th Street and Harvard after a robbery at the Paradise Smoke Shop on Yale at 13th Street.

"One guy held a gun on me and another guy out of a little office area he had another guy with a gun back there with the owners," said Jamie Reed. 

Reed was inside the store when it was robbed. He owns a business next door. Police said the robbers wore masks, carried guns and stole money and property. 

"It's crazy. It's the risk you take I guess in a business every day. You never know who's going to walk in the door. What can you do?" said Reed.

According to police, a robbery victim tried to follow the robbers, when the robbers started shooting. A woman pushing her baby in a stroller down the street was hit. Police say a bullet grazed her in the leg.

She and her child were rushed to the hospital. Police said she was expected to be OK.

"I saw her walking so when I heard, I went around the block and she was already standing there all bleeding on her leg. I asked her, 'Did you get hit?' And she said, 'Yeah,'" said Robert Garcia. 

He was working in the area when he said he saw a maroon and gray Silverado pickup speeding by nearly hitting him. 

"There were three guys in the front and one in the back of the truck and the one in the back of the truck was shooting back this way. And could hear the bullets and that's when they hit that lady on the leg and they just kept on going," Garcia said.

The robbers have not been arrested. 

No word yet on any arrests.

A nearby school was put on lockdown due to the robbery and shooting. Immanuel Lutheran placed its campus on lockdown as a precaution until 6 p.m., when the school closes.

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