PD: Security guard stops man from raping woman

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - An alert security guard stopped a man from raping a woman in southwest Houston, according to police.

Jerrell McWashington was working security at a business near the 6800 block of Wilcrest near Bellaire Boulevard when he heard something alarming.

"I heard the lady screaming, so I decided to go around and check," McWashington said.

He said he walked over to a fence, noticed that the wooden boards had been broken off, peeked inside and saw a man attacking a 25-year-old woman, so he drew his gun.

"I see the guy on top of her trying to rape her. She's trying to fight him off. So I immediately drew my weapon and ordered him to see his hands," said McWashington.

He called police, who arrested Jacques Toussaint. Houston police say the 38-year-old homeless man and the woman he allegedly attacked know each another.

Before the incident, the two had been arguing about money in the Jack In The Box parking lot nearby. Police say during the argument, Toussaint grabbed the woman's cell phone and $5.

When she confronted him, police said, Toussaint knocked her to the ground. She followed him to a nearby homeless camp, where Toussaint forced her on the ground and got on top of her, police said.

"From what I was told, she had a blanket placed over her head and was kicked twice," McWashington said.

He said he heard her screaming, rushed over and held Toussaint at gunpoint until police arrived.

Toussaint is facing a robbery charge.

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