PD: Man holding ex-girlfriend hostage shot, killed

ALVIN, Texas - A man who was holding his ex-girlfriend hostage inside a pickup truck was shot by police Tuesday, officials said.

The SWAT scene began around 11 p.m. Monday at an apartment complex in the 800 block of East South Street in Alvin. Residents said they called 911 after gunshots rang out at the New Port Oaks Apartment.

Police said a 47-year-old man named Steven stormed into his ex-girlfriend's apartment and began fighting with her new boyfriend, Wade. According to investigators, the argument quickly escalated.

"A male by the name of Wade had been shot one time in the back, an entrance and exit, and one time in the arm," said Chief Mike Merkel with the Alvin Police Department.

Neighbor Dayton Jordan said he heard screams, called 911 and rushed downstairs to help the victim, but he quickly became a target.

"There were three of them that came toward me -- three shots -- and several others that were directed over toward that other guy," Jordan said.

After the shooting, officers said Steven forced his ex-girlfriend, Kelly, into a pickup truck and held her at gunpoint. That's when SWAT came to the scene and held a five-hour negotiation, trying to get Steven to surrender peacefully.

"Finally at 3 a.m., he made an overt move as if he was going to shoot her and the officers on the scene had to take one shot, which ended his life," said Merkel.

The woman's current boyfriend was taken to Southeast Memorial Hermann Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police did not know what prompted the initial fight, but they did reveal that Steven had been in an emotional state.

"All three things that would cause someone to be stressed out were not in his favor. His ex-girlfriend is with another man, he lost his job recently, and he was out around people using narcotics or drugs," Merkel said.

Officials did not release the last names of the suspect and victims.

Alvin police said they have not used deadly force in a SWAT standoff since the early '90s.

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