Patients want dental work finished

HOUSTON - Patients of a southwest Houston dental office said they were surprised to find the business shut down this week

Several patients who showed up to Aquarium Dental Plus Braces on W. Sam Houston Parkway were greeted with locked doors.

A sign on the door said the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners closed the office due to a "paperwork violation."

"They were supposed to be open so we can pick up my retainer," said one patient who asked to not be identified. "I had an appointment at 4:30 and we're here and it's closed."

Another patient, who said she was there to get her braces removed, tugged on the locked doors and read the sign before also walking away.

The owner, Dr. Tuan Pham tells KPRC2 the state board revoked his license due to improper bookkeeping.

Patients who were turned away at the door were shocked. "I'm really surprised," said the patient looking to pick her retainer. "I can't believe it because I've known (Pham) for a long time and I didn't think he had his license revoked."

But according to state board records, Pham's license has been revoked since February 2014.

"I haven't been practicing since it's been revoked," said Pham when asked. "I hire a lot of associates (at the office). I've been contacting the board because they revoked my license by mistake."

But patients we spoke with claim Pham never stopped treating them. It's a claim he repeatedly disputed.

"I cannot diagnose patients," said Pham. "I cannot see the patients. I can act as a coordinator only."

However, according to the state board's website an unlicensed dentist is not even allowed to own a dental practice.

Pham said while he waits to hear the board's decision on his appeal, his staff is working to get his existing patients transferred.

"Or they can wait for me to get my license back," he said.

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