Pasadena police investigate string of car burglaries

Up to 20 vehicle break-ins have been reported within the last three days

PASADENA - Police are investigating a string car of burglaries in Pasadena.

Up to 20 vehicle break-ins have been reported within the last three days.

Eight vehicles were hit in a single cul-de-sac near Space Center Boulevard and Crenshaw.

Surveillance cameras caught one man walking up to a vehicle parked in a driveway.

He then helped himself to the items inside.

The victim said a laptop, a radar detector and a camera were stolen.

His neighbor, Lauren Riojas, was also robbed.

"The morning my husband came out to go to work, both cars were open and all of his stuff was strung out," said Riojas.

Riojas says the vehicles had been left unlocked, a mistake she and her husband say they won't make again.

"He had a nice set of golf clubs in the back that weren't touched. I guess they were on a mission," said Riojas.

Police say 16 to 20 vehicle burglaries were reported in a three day period in and around the same Pasadena area.

The crimes are making people in the nearby neighborhoods nervous.

"For me, I can't feel 100 percent safe anymore. Who did that can do it something else," said neighbor Elham Zaher.

If anyone recognizes the suspect, please call Pasadena Police.

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