Officer's sex assault trial resumes

Woman says officer raped her in park

HOUSTON - The trial of a Houston police officer accused of raping a woman resumed Tuesday after a nearly three-week break.

Abraham Joseph, 29, has been charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault.

Police said he kidnapped a waitress outside of El Diamante Nite Club, 3416 W. Fuqua, on Jan. 2, 2011, while he was on duty.

Prosecutors said Joseph handcuffed her, drove her to a secluded section of Townwood Park, 3600 Simsbrook, and raped her.

She claimed Joseph was dressed in his uniform and armed when she was kidnapped.

Prosecutors said Joseph originally arrested the woman and a man in in the parking lot of the night club. The woman claims that Joseph dropped the man off on the side of the road, took her to the park and then raped her while she was still handcuffed.

While on the stand earlier this month, the woman said Joseph ruined her life.

"He grabbed my skirt and put his hands under my dress," the woman said in Spanish.

Joseph's attorney claimed the sex was consensual.

During cross-examination on Tuesday, Joseph's attorney focused on inconsistencies in the woman's story. The woman attributed those to her emotional state, which she claims is because of the alleged attack.

The woman said she was originally afraid to come forward because she feared being deported. She is in the United States illegally.

Prosecutors said that Joseph has been investigated as a potential suspect in five separate rape cases.

If convicted, Joseph could be sentenced to up to life in prison.

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