Off-duty officer shoots gunman in restaurant

HOUSTON - An off-duty officer shot a gunman inside a Pasadena restaurant.

The incident happened on Fairmont Parkway and Burke Road around 10 p.m. Sunday. The suspect entered the Peppers Beef & Seafood restaurant waving a weapon and threatening people, investigators said. It's unclear if the man was trying to rob the restaurant or if he had other motives.

"We don't know why the man came into the restaurant. We don't know what his issues were," said Lt. Al Espinoza with the Pasadena Police Department.

The family of an off-duty officer who lived nearby was inside. Authorities said the family was able to call the officer, who came to the restaurant.

"He came in and confronted the man with a displayed weapon. He was in fear of his life and he shot the man," Espinoza said.

The suspect was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital. His condition was not released.

No one else was injured.

Authorities are investigating.

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