Neighbors in east Houston find cars shot with BB guns

At least 11 vehicles shot

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter
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HOUSTON - Residents in one east Houston neighborhood awoke Sunday morning to find their vehicles' windshields shot up.

"I started walking the block and I found 10 other vehicles shot up with BB guns," said Gaspar Guerrero.

He and other neighbors in the 1500 block of Munger near Broadmoor believe it's the work of someone with a BB or pellet gun. 

Guerrero found nine holes in his windshield. They're small but he fears they will spread and get worse, and he'll be forced to replace the glass. 

Phillip Bernal is also a victim and thinks it's the work of some neighborhood kids.

"It's the summer and kids need to get back in school. They got nothing else better to do," he said.

The Harris County Precinct 6 Constable's Office is investigating. They said at least a handful of victims have come forward.

"This is a big deal because this leads to other crimes," said Deputy Marco Leal. "Are they targeting just people's property or do we know of them targeting other people as well."

Deputy Leal said the gunmans start by shooting up windows in vehicles, but if they're not caught, they could gain confidence and start aiming their weapons at other things. 

That's why they're stepping up patrols in the area. 

"There are going to be some officers working in unmarked vehicles keeping an eye on the area and seeing if they see anything suspicious," Leal said.

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