Neighborhood vandals ruin dozens of mailboxes

Deputies say person responsible could face felony charges

HOUSTON - Investigators are looking for the vandals who tore through a Harris County neighborhood and destroyed dozens of mailboxes overnight.

The department started to get reports of the vandalism in the early morning hours of Friday.

It happened in a neighborhood off of Cypresswood and investigators are still trying to add up all the damage.

People who live along Southampton Drive woke up and found battered and mangles mailboxes along the street.

Some mailboxes had been completely knocked off their posts.

The Harris County constable's office says there may be as many as 50 victims.

Some residents didn't notice until deputy constables knocked on their doors.

"The officer came to the door and said, 'Hey, you've got a problem. Somebody vandalized your mail box last night,'" said Rick Burgess.

Throughout the morning, deputy constables could be seen up and down the street assessing the damage and taking reports.

There are so many cases, the constable's office says the person responsible could face felony charges.

As residents began the process of repairing and replacing the mailboxes, they were not only questioning who did it, but why.

"It's kind of puzzling and it's disappointing that somebody is doing that and getting some kind of gratification from it. I don't know," said Burgess.

Investigators are still trying to make contact with all of the victims.

Investigators would also like to hear from anyone who may have surveillance video showing the suspect or suspects in this case.

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