NASA: Thank you, Houston

NASA thanks Houstonians for space-program support

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HOUSTON - As the space shuttle Endeavour's Houston visit becomes a distant memory, officials with NASA said they haven't forgotten the support people in the Space City have shown.

"The arrival and display of Endeavour served to honor and thank the thousands of Johnson Space Center employees and citizens of Houston and our many surrounding communities whose support was key to the space shuttles' remarkable accomplishments during three decades of service," said Keylie Clem of Johnson Space Center.

Clem also thanked everyone who had a hand in the shuttle's Houston visit.

Endeavour left Florida strapped to a modified 747 for its trip to California. It made a stop in Houston at Ellington field after flying over several area landmarks. Thousands lined up at Ellington to catch a close-up glimpse of the shuttle, which along with the entire space program has played a vital role in the Houston area.

"The space shuttle was a workhorse that could launch, retrieve or repair satellites, build a space station and conduct research in orbit. It enabled us to achieve incredible accomplishments in space, opening the final frontier to women, minorities and schoolteachers," Clem said.

Endeavour flew 25 missions, spent nearly 300 days in space and traveled a total of 122,883,151 miles, officials said.

Endeavour landed safely in Los Angeles Friday afternoon. It's final home will be at the California Science Center.

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