Movie star fishes in Baytown

Matthew McConaughey fishes at Thompson's Fish Camp

BAYTOWN, Texas - A movie star was spotted fishing in Baytown on Monday.

Matthew McConaughey, one of the stars of "Magic Mike," was seen at Thompson's Fish Camp with some friends.

His appearance in Baytown had residents buzzing.

Ron Turner may not be star struck, but said he can certainly respect a man who knows his fish camps.

"I wish he had asked me to go with him. I'd go with him," Turner said with a laugh.

Veronica Cerino wanted to see him in person but missed her chance. She said she's still glad the A-lister was in Baytown.

"It's nice that they are getting to know our town a little bit more," said Cerino.

McConaughey is staying busy by promoting his latest movie, marrying his longtime girlfriend, and is now expecting his third child.

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