More than $100,000 worth of stolen goods found at suspect's home

HOUSTON - Local 2 Investigates was there moments after officers come across thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods at a home, including an official police uniform.

Police were executing a warrant Monday morning in the Northwood Manor subdivision when they came across something interesting; in fact more than $100,000 worth of stolen goods. Some weird stuff too. Police say two animals were bolted down at a local Walmart and stolen, and that is just the beginning.

Police made quite a discovery, besides guns at a home on Rosemary at Cheeves, they found more than a 1,000 high-dollar stolen tools.

"We suspect that he's going out early in the morning, some of it is getting sold off, some of it is getting stored here at the house," said Detective Greg Shelton with the Houston Police Department.

Among the booty is what looks like an official police uniform.. Detectives theorize, but don't yet know for sure, the uniform could have been part of a cover.

Emmanuel Hurd, 37, has a lengthy arrest record and is facing for now an unrelated aggravated assault charge according to police.

It's when officers arrived to arrest him that they discovered the stuff, including a piece of surveying equipment. Police think over several years these tools had been picked from construction sites, stores, and car break-ins.

"Well over $100,000; I would suspect approaching 200,000," said Det. Shelton.

The suspect is already charged with aggravated assault and as soon as police are done cataloging this stuff he's going to have several more charges.

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