METRORail set to expand

The system will be more than triple in size

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - The METRORail is expanding; and, within the next two years, the system is expected to more than triple in size.

Commuting in Houston is a hassle for all drivers, but with 15 miles of new track that will soon open, getting around town is going to be easier.

The North line is set to open in December and the Southeast and East end lines will open by the end of 2014.
To make all of this work, METRORail has been forced to double its staff and add dozens of new trains.

Right now, the public transportation system is in the process of taking delivery of brand new trains.

The new trains, with a price tag of more than $4 million, have bike racks, more standing room and seem wider because of the seating configuration.

Currently, there are only 33 trains rolling in Houston. By the end of 2014, there will be more than 75.

METRO says you will be able to get from Midtown to a University of Houston football game without driving or dealing with Interstate 45. Riders can also go to the GRB or Toyota Center without ever having to find a parking spot. 

The new train stops are expected to make commuting to attractions in and around downtown Houston much easier.

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