Mayors announce support of high-speed rail between Houston & Dallas-Fort Worth

HOUSTON - Mayor Annise Parker, along with the mayors of Dallas and Fort Worth, gathered Thursday morning to discuss a high-speed rail that could affect thousands of commuters.

The announcement was significant because it's the first time that all three mayors have stood together united in support of high-speed rail that would link the major cities together. The mayors say the push is about to become a lot more visible because the people who want to build the rail line are soon going to begin an environmental impact study.

Construction on the project, if everything goes according to plan, could start in 2016. The high-speed rail line, which can travel more than 200 mph, connecting Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth would allow the commuter to make the trip in 90 minutes.

It's estimated that about 100,000 people every woke travel between Houston and Dallas on airplanes or by driving along I-45.

The mayor says she's not interested in trading any type of competition with airlines or the Texas Department of Highways, but this is just a better option.

"I'm interested in providing options for the men and women who need to move among our cities, and anything that can reduce the travel time, provide convenience and reduce cost is something that we owe it to our citizens to be able to explore," said Mayor Parker.

The Texas Central Railway is the company that is behind the push. They say that it would take private funding to build the line between Houston and Dallas, but they are exploring private and public funding for the portion that would connect Dallas and Fort Worth.

A federal impact study will begin in a few weeks for the proposed project, which carries a potential price tag in excess of $10 billion.

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